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release 1.03

History review


V-TRAX is Free now. The reason is that we haven't any time to support it and continue its development. I'll continue to help users, so you can contact me. Our development under Atari is definitively stopped and we are working on other audio product for PC (you can have a look there).
To be able to use the full version of V-Trax, you need to enter this serial number : 2132219775. This number only works with the release 1.03.

New release of !!! This release (v2.00) is now free of timeline code, and some bugs have been corrected (using an FDI and TT-RAM, some unwanted crashes, etc...).

Manual On-Line : The full manual of V-Trax is On-Line now. Currently, only the french version is available. If someone wants to translate it in english (or other language), I can give him a full version of V-Trax. Please contact me...

Release 1.03 :SPDIF cards work again. The hardware protection key has been removed : it will be more compatible with the Milan. Another bug, which made V-Trax to crach while starting, is removed.

Final release of V-TRAX !!
The release 1.01 is ready. What's new : a vicious crash when starting is killed, better hardware compatibility (graphic cards, Hades/Milan,...).
I'm currently working on the plugins. They will come with the release 1.1


V-Trax Update: New functions for the sound bank (play, delete or rename file). V-TRAXuse now the FastRam of the Centurbo II and some incoherences have disappeared.
There is no known bug yet.

V-TRAX is at last being tested by some musicians, and the result seems to be good. I remind you that if you want a pretty perfect software, you should send us your impressions and suggestions.


V-Trax Update: less bugs and new functions : mode Replace/Overdub ; Possibility to disactivate the automatic calculation of the sample picture; Insertion of TimeOut locators; Backup of timeline files...


V-Trax Update: others little bugs have been found and locators works correctly now. The manual is still in process...


V-Trax Update: some little bugs have been found and we've added new functions.


First Demo Version of V-TRAX

Our products are :

2-Tracks Sample Editor : allows audio post-production (touching up, applications of effects, mixages...)

Multitracks station : 8-tracks mixing console, 32000-tracks timeline, volumes and panoramic control to each tracks with possibility of control automation.

We have judged necessary to operate a separation in two distinct programs in order to facilitate their development and to allow the evolution of these two tools to a more professional utilization, while increasing their simplicity of utilization.

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